Roadies X1 – Jaisalmer – Journey Ep #4 – Full Episode

Roadies X1 Jaisalmer – Journey Ep #4 – Full Episode  Published on Mar 29, 2014

MTV Roadies X1 is the eleventh season of MTV Roadies. This show is hosted by Rannvijay Singh, who is also one of the judges, along with Raghu Ram.

Genre : Reality Show

Country of origin : India

Original Language : Hindi

Venue of Audition : Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune.




  • Original Channel : MTV India
  • Original airing : January 25, 2014

Hosts :

MTV Roadies Previous Seasons

Season 1

Winner : No official winner was declared as no one could complete the task

Season 2

Winner : Ayushmann Khurrana

Season 3

Winner : Parul Shahi

Season 4

Winner : Anthony Yeh

Runner-up : Anthony Yeh

Season 5

Winner : Ashutosh Kaushik

Runner-up : Nihal Nikam

Season 6

Winner : Saquib Faruqui

Runner-up : Longkiri Timung

Season 7

Winner : Anwar Syed

Runner-up : Zain Bin Nazir

Season 8

Winner : Aanchal Khurrana

Runner-up : Mohit Saagar

Season 9

Winner : Vikas Khoker

Runner-up : Himani Sharma

Season 10

Winner : Palak johal

Runner-up : Ramandip

The episode starts with the girls choosing their partners after the ranking task and proceeding to the immunity task. After the immunity task, 2 teams get ready to perform the ‘Walk The Talk’

Reference :

Watch the auditions of all the final contestants of the season and tell us who is your favorite in the comments below!

Season Destination
1 India
5 Thailand, Malaysia
6 Australia
7 Africa
8 Brazil
9 United States
10 India

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